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Watch as David Martin gets zapped by a ray gun – a non-lethal weapon that could be used to disperse crowds and could save many lives in war zones. Martin’s report airs Sunday, March 2, on 60 Minutes.


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from Common Dreams, Feb. 2, 2008:

As the right-wing blogosphere railed and a U.S. senator vowed financial retaliation against the Berkeley City Council for its effort to boot the Marine Corps out of town, three war protesters ratcheted up pressure from the left by chaining themselves Friday to the front door of the downtown Marine recruiting office.


“We made really great statements by blocking the door,” said one of the three blockaders, 64-year-old Mary Ann Thomas of Oakland. “It’s time we became more articulate about what we’re doing.”

Conservative bloggers and Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., also believe more articulation is necessary – from the opposite side of the political spectrum.

DeMint began drafting legislation Friday to cut $2.1 million in federal funding to Berkeley in a current congressional budget bill and transfer the money to the Marine Corps. The funding would include $750,000 for prospective ferry service, $87,000 for the Berkeley Unified School District nutrition education fund and $243,000 for the Chez Panisse Foundation, which promotes nutritional awareness in school lunch programs.

“The First Amendment gives the city of Berkeley the right to be idiotic, but from now on they should do it with their own money,” DeMint said in a statement.

He called the council’s vote “a slap in the face to all brave servicemen and women and their families.”

Conservative blogs blasted the council and Berkeley in general all day with comments such as one on “Gathering of Eagles”: “These cretins disgust me.”

Members of the council who voted to condemn the Marine Corps station were unbowed.

“I guess they’ve never heard of free speech,” Councilwoman Dona Spring said. “I’ve had a lot of nasty phone messages today, threatening me with things like saying, ‘I’ll take you out.’ But they can go ahead. I don’t feel scared.”

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Jeremy Scahill at Counterpunch writes:

[O]n Oct. 20, a group of about 50 activists gathered outside Blackwater’s gates in Moyock, N.C. There, they reenacted the Nisour Square shooting and staged a “die-in,” involving a vehicle painted with bullet marks and blood. The activists stained their clothing with fake blood and dramatized the deadly shooting spree. Some of the demonstrators marked Blackwater’s large welcome sign — with the company’s bear claw in a sniper scope logo — with red hand prints. The demonstrators believed these “would be a much more appropriate logo for Blackwater,” according to Baggarly. “We’re all responsible for what is happening in Iraq. We all have bloody hands.” It took only moments for the local police to respond to the protest, the first ever at Blackwater’s headquarters. In the end, seven were arrested.

The symbolism was stark: Re-enact a Blackwater massacre, go to jail. Commit a massacre, walk around freely and perhaps never go to jail. All seven were charged with criminal trespassing, six of them with an additional charge of resisting arrest and one with another charge of injury to real property. “We feel like Blackwater is trespassing in Iraq,” Baggarly later said. “And as for injuring property, they injure men, women and children every day.” The activists were jailed for five days and eventually released pending trial.

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POG faster Mike Butler gives interviews to the media.

mp3 audio from Blastfurnace: here.

from Pittsburgh Organizing Group:

On September 4 members of the Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) will start a month long fast against war and military recruitment at the doors of the Armed Forces Career Center (military recruiting station) on Forbes Ave. Throughout the fast, participants and supporters will remain camped out in front of the station to put a spotlight on one of the most grotesque symbols of militarism in our community. We invite our friends and supporters to join us in our campout and, as your health situation and work schedules allow, join us for all or part of the fast.

The goal of this fast and camp-out is simple: To contribute to the movement working for the immediate withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq, and an end to military recruitment in Pittsburgh.

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from Infowars.com:

Salient comments from Sheriff Andy Taylor regarding one of the bulwarks of a free society: lawyer-client confidentiality, now under attack via provisions in the (sic) Patriot Act.

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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: King Daevid MacKenzie
Date: Mar 15, 2007 2:18 AM
Subject: [IMC-Audio] Video footage of Tacoma police gassing peaceful protestors on 11 March

YouTube footage of the gassing:

YouTube footage of street medics being refused access to gassed protestors:

Independent Media report on the protest:

Corporate Media links to weekend protest stories (video included unless where noted):
link (KING-TV, NBC affiliate)
link (KIRO-TV, CBS affiliate)
link (KCPQ, Fox affiliate — no video)
link (Seattle Post-Intelligencer — no video)
link(Seattle Times — no video)

King Daevid MacKenzie.
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Common Ground Relief founder talks about the cost of war and it’s impact on Katrina Relief.

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