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POG faster Mike Butler gives interviews to the media.

mp3 audio from Blastfurnace: here.

from Pittsburgh Organizing Group:

On September 4 members of the Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) will start a month long fast against war and military recruitment at the doors of the Armed Forces Career Center (military recruiting station) on Forbes Ave. Throughout the fast, participants and supporters will remain camped out in front of the station to put a spotlight on one of the most grotesque symbols of militarism in our community. We invite our friends and supporters to join us in our campout and, as your health situation and work schedules allow, join us for all or part of the fast.

The goal of this fast and camp-out is simple: To contribute to the movement working for the immediate withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq, and an end to military recruitment in Pittsburgh.


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…or, “You’ll get killed trying to do that here!”

This letter is in response to Tony Norman’s article: Pittsburgh: where people go to die.

Let me approach Mr. Norman’s article by referring to a recently revealed diary of Che Guevara’s lover Tania.

Tania was a member of Che’s ragtag guerrilla fighters. She was killed an ambush by the CIA in August of 1967. She was only 30 years old. Recounted in her journal was a discussion with Ulises Estradad, an organizer in Che’s Bolivian mission. He was an exception to Che’s close comrades in that he was somewhat wealthy. The story goes that Ulises asked Che where he could hide out for a while in the USA and collect information about the country’s determination to end revolution in Latin America. Che responded, and I quote, “the best advice I can give you when you go underground in the US is to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In a few month’s time one of our people will contact you there.”


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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Stephen Donahue
Date: Mar 31, 2007 10:33 AM

Well the dominoes are falling. Now on June 17, 2007 public transit service
in Allegheny County drops another 15% then in September of 07 still another
10%. Come on, the ass holes in Harrisburg are NOT going to deal with the
structural deficiencies in public transit funding. As the idiot Sen.
Fontana put it for the news people, “dedicated funding is for highways.”
(What does that dude smoke?)

The media has reported widely over these past few weeks about how “young
professionals” (you know; the salvation of Pittsburgh) have continued to
flee the area in strong numbers, especially during these past few years. No
reason to stay with a poor infrastructure, overall lower wages than other
places and an ever decreasing quality of life. Pittsburgh is continuing to
go down the toilet and yesterday the Port Authority took our region a giant
step deeper into the fecal hole.


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from Pittsburgh Indymedia: (mp3) save our transit all night vigil
by vincent / blast furnace radio Friday, Mar. 30, 2007 at 1:31 AM

audio from kick off of all night vigil to confront the port authority boards upcoming vote on a 15% transit service cut. 17.30 minutes 64kbs

audio link: MP3 at 8.3 mebibytes


Port Authority Board Passes Service Cuts
(KDKA) PITTSBURGH: After months of planning and seeking public input, the Port Authority’s Board has voted to approve a 15 percent cut in services, KDKA’s Jim Lokay reports. (video and story: here.)

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Breaking Down Defense Mechanisms
Activists shed light on CMU ties to defense industry

BY MARTY LEVINE, Pittsburgh City Paper.

When the first Carnegie Mellon University police officer arrived at CMU’s National Robotics Engineering Center in Lawrenceville at 5:12 a.m., two groups of anti-war protesters were already in place.

It had taken just five minutes for Pittsburgh Organizing Group to set up their March 2 blockade. The action targeted both the front and rear entrances of the three-block-long facility, which was built in large part with Department of Defense contracts that aid the Iraq war.

Until now the NREC has attracted scant attention, despite its cutting-edge role in robotics research with military application. As a POG’s statement explained, “[T]his action was intended to interject an anti-war message at a war-related facility that has thus far received no public scrutiny.” And just as the work inside the building focuses on new technology, the protest outside the building employed new tactics.

(to read the rest of the article, click here.)

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Blockade at CMU’s National Robotics Engineering Center

info about CMU and the killer robots


corporate media video

blast furnace video journal

local papers

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On January 22, 2007, over one hundred Pittsburghers rallied together to protest the proposed Port Authority Transit service cuts. Help spread the message to our politicians to save thousands of citizens from being stranded without public transportation.

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