Blastfurnace interviews Mike Roselle, one of the founders of Earth First! in Rock Creek, MD where he and others are employing non-violent methods to stop to stop mountain top removal. To date over 90 people have been arrested since the beginning of this campaign against an environmental nightmare.

The interview continues after the break…

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“I love Pittsburgh and I give good email.” Vincent starts off with his story of his relationship with the coming of technology, using webradio as a front row seat to anti-globalization and the roots of anti-war protests in Vietnam.

After the break, Vincent recounts his trips around the world fighting for peace, living among the homeless, vegan pizza, and more…

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Malik Rahim giving a speech in Pittsburgh, PA in November 2008

On Friday October 10th, Polar Bears Against Palin – organized by Voices For Animals of Western PA – called on a White Bloc to support them in solidarity with the Alaskan environment and wildlife that Sarah Palin has wreaked damage on in her two years of governorship, joining over 300 other protesters in a near-spontaneous event in downtown Pittsburgh.

This is the most clear shot I’ve seen thus far. It clearly shows that Nick Morgan, and at least two other Veterans were torn to the ground by Riot Police while on the sidewalk (compliant with police orders) before they were trampled by horses.

Please help us in making this video available to the world.

“The Whole World is Watching!”

-Kristofer Goldsmith
Operation Iraqi Freedom III Veteran
“Hempstead 15”

I just scammed a copy of the Clash’s Shea Stadium gig, and I have been dancing around the apartment like an idiot all weekend! Known as a terrific live group, it’s somewhat odd that’s taken 20-plus years for live material to start leaking out. 1999’s From Here To Eternity featured a great deal of tracks with Terry Chimes on drums, as does the Shea Stadium gig and the one great-sounding live bootleg, Kingston Advice. As for the wish list — how about releasing the 1978 London Lyceum gig and 1981’s Bond’s shows in some form? Bits of both performances have officially appeared on both Eternity and Clash On Broadway: so let’s give the Topper Headon-era Clash its due. bit.torrent fans, be sure to hit the download links below for plenty of live Clashness. And don’t forget to check out Mick Jones’s advice for Britney Spears after the break.

[Live At Shea Stadium: here.]
[From Here To Eternity: here.]
[Kingston Advice: here.]

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…and he’s serious, people!

Enjoy this videos of Abbie taken from NYC public access in 1980.

For more videos, click: here.

Sunday, October 19th at 3:00 PM:

You are cordially invited to celebrate the release of Vincent Scotti Eirene’s book: The Day The Empire Fell with live music and vegan spaghetti!

Duncan & Porter House of Hospitality and Resistance

1332 Sheffield St. (north side)
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
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for more info / to rsvp
EMAIL: vincenteirene@gmail.com
PHONE: 412-231-2766

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